Bridging the gap between the Bible and your life
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Inspirational texts

Bible-Fit is a great app for finding an inspirational texts for a given day. Moreover, it is a handy tool for sorting out your favourite verses.
Benjamin Mlýnek, chairperson, Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe, Prague

Adding your own themes

I’ve never really been into Bible apps – I think they are usually just plain Bibles with some extra space to make notes. This app is good though, because you can search for Bible verses based on an event or a feeling. Without advertisements. You can also add themes and favourite Bible passages yourself.
Christiaan Erwich, student Religions, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Discovering the Bible digitally
More and more new initiatives to discover the Bible digitally are emerging these days. I welcome this movement whole-heartedly. The Bible-Fit app is a beautiful example of this.
Arjan Lock, chairman EO

Words that touch you
The Bible is a durable book that’s been continuing to exist for ages. The Bible-Fit app wants to give the Bible a new life for today’s people. That way, the Bible turns out to be in accordance with everyday life – with words that touch you. It’s great to know that this app is available.
Rev. Arjan Plaisier, secretary Protestantse Kerk Nederland

The Bible within reach for the smartphone generation
Bible-Fit is a very original app with a very powerful content. By approaching the Bible from the perspective of different situations and emotions, the Bible is made accessible for daily life. This is a very valuable way of supporting young people within the different areas of their lives. The Bible is now literally within reach for the smartphone generation.
Harmen van Wijnen, chairman Christelijke Hogeschool Ede

The month’s number 1 app
This is a great app. Clear themes with good Bible texts. When I’m waiting for my train, I quickly read a Bible section about what I’m experiencing. And it has great icons, too! The best app I have downloaded this month.
Nienke Verschuere, Rotterdam, the Netherlands