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Frequently Asked Questions

Unique Bible app?

Bible-Fit is a unique Bible app because you can adapt it to your own personal situation. That’s why its slogan is: Make the Bible fit into your daily life.
- add your own Bible texts to the themes on the app
- add new themes or delete existing themes
- move Bible texts and stories from theme to theme
- share your experiences with the community on Facebook or twitter

Android and tablet?

The app Bible–Fit will be free available for iPhone from the end of September 2013. In 2014 Ark Mission will be bringing out the app for Android and the tablet version, also for iOS and Android.

What about the database ?

The database of Bible verses and stories is put together by a group of theology students and ministers. They have specially looked at how useful the texts are in a pastoral context.
If you have tips or ideas for improvement, please submit them via the contact form. 


You can share your thoughts and ideas about Bible-Fit on Facebook. Share the Bible texts you’ve found with others and join in conversations  about themes and parts of the Bible. In this way you learn more about the Bible and inspire each other in your faith.