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About Bible-Fit

How does Bible-Fit work?

Do you generally approach life from a rational or emotional point of view?
Bible-Fit takes personality differences into account: it clusters themes around ‘feelings’ and ‘events’. For example: ‘I am happy’, ‘I’m suffering from bad luck’. For each theme there is a range of Bible texts. It is, of course, also possible to read the text in its context – what precedes it and what comes after.

Make the Bible fit into your daily life

Do you think a Bible text is more suitable for a theme? You can save the text under another theme or create a new theme for the text.
‘Missed the bus ’,  perhaps? With a quote about patience? So, Bible-Fit becomes your personal guide through the Bible.

Bible verses and Bible stories

If you would like to look at a single text or if you don’t really feel like reading a longer story, Bible-Fit allows you to choose between short Bible quotes and longer Bible stories.
Have a look at our Top 15 for the best-known Bible verses and Bible stories and the theme they are categorized under in the app.


Bible translation

In the app you find the NET-Bible (New English Translation). A translation that clearly conveys the Bible’s message and it is not difficult to read.